How to Advertise

What businesses are we looking for?

Typically any business that visitors would go out of their way to visit. Currently this includes; Boat Tours, Bus Tours, Activities, and Specialty Shops. In the near future we will also add pubs, restaurants and grocery shops etc under the facilities sections.

What information do we require?

-Business Name (As it will appear in the App)

-Business  Description (A few sentences to grab visitors attention and provide essential information - Please dont exceed 100 words):

-Link 1 (Please provide primary URL for either website OR Facebook page, as your prefer): 

-Link 2 (Please provide GPS co-ordinates if you have premises/a location to direct visitors to or alternatively a facebook link)*:

-Child Friendly/Age Restrictions: Please provide details

-Dog Friendly: Please provide details

-Disabled Access: Please provide details

-Winter Opening (Months and weekdays):

-Summer Opening (Months and weekdays):

-Postal Address:

-Would you like some promotional flyers/posters?

-Attach picture to be used in the app listing (4:3 Aspect Ratio preffered)

*For  GPS, co-ordinates zoom in on your business location in Google maps and  click on target location. GPS Co-ordinates will be displayed in the  format (57.588221, -6.355099) at the bottom of your screen. If you can’t  find this information, please provide the address of your premises.

How to contact us?

For advertising, all inquiries should be directed to Daniel at

When will the advert go live?

This depends on a number of factors but typically would be between 1 and 4 weeks.

Is there any cost?

All adverts are currently free of charge. We recoup expenses by charging a nominal fee for downloading the app. This allows us to remain impartial and give every business an equal footing.

How is the Explore Skye app advertised?

Because we are very much a location based application, the primary form of advertising shall be flyers, posters and word of mouth on Skye.  We will also explore, Facebook and Adword campaigns online.